South Wales Police Museum


South Wales Police Museum


We tell the story of Policing in South Wales from the Celts right through to the present day and hold one of the largest collections of police memorabilia outside London.

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Policing in Victorian Times
The museum boasts a fascinating array of decorated handpainted truncheons, bullseye lanterns, cutlesses, handcuffs, snips, whistles & rattles.

Mickey Mouse childs gas mask
Mickey Mouse childs gas mask

Second World War Police memorabilia
The collection includes police helmets, hooded torches and rare gas masks.
A Second World War Diorama showing a scene from the "Blitz".

Working closely with the next generation
The Museum works closely with schools throughout South Wales, offering tours and activities related to the National Curriculum.
These include the Victorian Police, using a real life example to illustrate life as a policeman in Merthyr in the 1860s, and the extended role of the police during World War 2.


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